The luxury ofartisanal entrepreneurship.
We invest in founders with true vision, building intentional products and brands that transform lives. They take the time they need. They never compromise on quality. We respect them and their craft. In a world awash with empty offerings, we seek the true gems.
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A leader in inbox-firstdigital publishing.

Building a Brighter Web
Optimism is an inbox-first media company with a portfolio of more than a dozen uplifting brands that serve millions of readers with inspiring content and digital experiences on a daily basis. Learn More
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Our suite of original digital publishing ventures leveraging Optimism's platform and infrastructure to reach and scale their audiences.
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Lifestyle Ventures

Collé highlights the most forward-thinking, technically innovative, and idiosyncratic collage artists of today. Each edition of Collé is intended to elevate public perception and discourse around the medium and philosophy of collage. We challenge what collage is and what it can become, as we explore its presence across a wide range of arts, culture and media. Learn More
A wellness lifestyle brand and editorial publication designed for the modern man.
Truvere is a travel companion for the modern age with thorough guides, local stories, and beautiful visuals.
The Venture Fund
Investing in entrepreneurs
who shape culture.
With an investment portfolio of more than 100 companies, Pardon funds entrepreneurs and their ventures with a focus on arts & culture, lifestyle, and wellness.
Elevated Nightlife
New York's famed spot for creative drinks with a new American menu and speakeasy vibe. Learn More
members club for LGBTQ+
Physical spaces that aims to foster deeper, richer connections across the LGBTQ+ community.  Learn More
Immersive Art Experiences
Immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastical realms. Learn More

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