A vibrant community of contemporary artists.
Art inspires us, shifts our perspectives, and plays a fundamental role in the development of our ventures. Supporting artists is integral to Pardon’s mission.
900 II - I.B. by Gabriel de la Mora
The Collection

World-class curation and exhibition.

Pardon’s private collection of over a thousand artworks serves as a means of inspiration for our team and the public. The Pardon Collection includes a large assemblage of contemporary collage, boundary-pushing digital works, and artifacts from commissioned artist projects. The Pardon Collection is a contemporary art collection grounded in the conceptual.
From I Love New York But I Live In Denver by Mario Zoots
New Projects

Breaking patterns, seeking the new.

Each year New Projects collaborates with a select group of artists on experimental projects, providing them with a platform and the means to venture into unfamiliar territory and achieve something fundamentally new. We believe this approach not only generates more great art but also more great artists — ones unafraid to try something truly different. Learn More
An exhibition featuring work by Michael DeSutter at The Vault

Museum-caliber exhibitions & events.

Our team produces several major exhibitions each year, showcasing works from the collection and helping draw attention to the artists we support. Our exhibitions center around our gallery space in Denver, The Vault, with ongoing community activating events happening across all Pardon's key cities, including Los Angeles and New York.
6th Anagram (For O. Redon) by Omar Barquet

Elevating an artform in the public eye.

Collage weaves through many of the initiatives that we touch in the arts. Not only does the Pardon Collection boast one of largest collections of contemporary collage in the world, our publication Collé, and upcoming exhibition series, The Future of Collage, serve to elevate the medium and expand the philosophy further into the mainstream art and cultural world.
Digital Abundance Engine by Max-o-matic
Commissions & Residencies

Direct patronage of artists we love.

In addition to collecting works from galleries, art fairs, and through collaborations with New Projects, every year we select artists for commissions and to participate in our residency program. This approach enriches the organization and our collection while actively supporting and engaging with our community of artists.
Staff Artist and Principal Designer, Charlo

Made by artists,with artists in mind.

The Pardon team includes several members who are themselves artists with studio practices. Embedding artists in the Pardon team ensures we keep our creation pure and grounded, while adding the essence of art into everything we bring to life. Staff artists at Pardon are supported in a variety of ways to achieve their goals as professional artists, as they serve their roles on the Family Office team.